Vignette woes

I always have these grand visions of how I want to style my vignettes, inspired by my hundreds of pinned pics, only to be let down by my realization of the said idea.

Curation takes time, it need not take a lot of money as many things can thrifted, bartered or even found, but a collection is gathered, not bought.

This is one of my latest creations. I deliberated it for ages and all it took was looking at things I already owned and finding a way to piece them together in a visually appealing way.

The butterflies were a Milnerton Market find, a complete score at R95.00 ($15USD). The typewriter was my Grandfathers, he used it daily and it’s fond reminder of both him and my early childhood. The baby crocodile head I bought when I was 14 while traveling through Zimbabwe and the quartz rock a roadside find.

The ceramic bird I found in a store in town and used a glass cloche from to encase him. The National Geographics are from the year of my birth and inspired by Neill Stemmet’s use of them as colourful accents and lastly the flower print a 2nd hand bookstore find.

I’m happy with how it came together.

4 Responses to Vignette woes

  1. coelho says:

    looks beaut! am a shocker in my own home with curating my bits & pieces…

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the kind words Jo, nice to know I’m not alone in curating my own bits. I love buying little trinkets, it’s just trying to out them all together that I find hard!

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