The Lazy Long Weekend

As shared in my last post I’ve been working like a demon, my mind and body are tied up in 101 creative endevours and in the middle of last week I decided to say ‘enough is a enough’ and on Wednesday I cleared my schedule, cancelled a bunch of meetings and grabbed Nathan and headed off into the countryside for a much-needed break, which turned into a lazy long weekend.

My folks stay out in Franschhoek, their home tucked away at the base of the mountains, off the hustle and bustle of the main drag, the perfect place to unwind and catch-up with myself and family.

We ate like kings at Leopard’s Leap, Pierneef à La Motte and Babel, a firm favourite. It wasn’t overly indulgent though, we took a walk through the La Motte garden with chef Chris Erasmus, picked some veg, which I in turn roasted up in a honey glaze, just one of several home cooked meals over the weekend.

I spoilt myself by buying an iPad and downloaded several back issues of Trendenser, drank loads of coffee and took in the amazing views.

Nathan and I went for long forest walks, pranced around Babylonstoren, fed the donkeys, picked lemons and literally stopped to smell the roses.

The last weekend break I had was in November last year, it was beyond refreshing and I’ll be doing it more often, starting with a weekend away at Babylonstoren

Coffee and iPad at Hand

Homemade Museli

Chris Erasmus at La Motte

Fresh vegetables at La Motte

Roasted Vegetables in a Honey and Thyme Glaze

Babel at Babylonstoren

Babel at Babylonstoren

Feeding the Donkeys at Babylonstoren

Stopping to smell the roses

Spaghetti Bolognese

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