The houseplant tour

I discovered a new FREE quarterly e-zine called Growing Style, it’s downloadable as an iPad, iPhone and Android app.

It’s the brainchild of the guys at Costa Farms, the USA’s largest grower of indoor houseplants and is packed with handy houseplant tips and inspiration.

Incidentally NASA’s recommendation is one houseplant per 100 square feet, or for us metric folks, just over 9m2, because besides looking cool houseplants are beneficial in purifying your air, absorbing toxic fumes like Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde and other harmful VOC’s.

You can read more about it at o2 for you, they also have an excellent houseplant selector.

Since we are on the topic of houseplants I thought I’d give you a little house tour of my modest, but ever growing collection.

Philodendron scandens, known as the sweet heart plant. I have a pair of these on my mantle complete with 70’s avocado pots I thrifted at the Milnerton Market for R7 ($1USD) each. Score.

Phalaenopsis, my cerise Moth Orchid which hangs upside down in my Boskke Skyplanter above our kitchen counter.

Philodendron selloum my latest addition, seen here in my lovely Orla Kiely Herb Pot, one of my amazing Christmas gifts for my awesome Mrs.

Of course no mid-century modern home is complete without at least ONE Monstera deliciosa, probably one of my favourite foliage houseplants and takes pride and place in our entrance way.

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