The Define School’s Kristin Rogers “The Inspired Home” Review

Image courtesy of Kristin Rogers Photography

A while back I had the opportunity to enroll in an on-line course with The Define School, which tout themselves as an unconventional online school for the evolving photographer and was blessed to have been able to sign up for Kristin Rodgers ‘The Inspired Home’ course.

I’ve been a huge fan of Kristin’s work and how she manages to juggle being a homeschooling Mom, wife and working photographer.

Her Instagram feed is adorable (@kristinrogers) and her family snapshots are like paging through an engaging novel, making you feel like a long lost friend.

I’m privileged to have been part of her first class where we spent 4-weeks unpacking the subject of ‘The Inspired Home’. Yes, the first two weeks were quite practical, covering topics like iPhonegraphy, her workflow and how she gets her signature style, but I probably learned as much or more working through the psychology of what it means to be a present parent in weeks 3 and 4, than the technical aspects of the course.

I was wary of how it would all work, but found the process to be a complete joy. Kristin engaged with us through a private forum and we would have a week to upload our homework for critique. What made it extra special is that there was so much input from fellow students and we developed a great sense of community.

We’d share our photos, thoughts and questions throughout the week and Kristin would address them daily where possible, so you have SO MUCH MORE input over the 4-weeks, far more than you could cover in a 1-day ‘hands on’ course that you could spend as much or more on.

I’ve made a few great friends out of it and it’s great to see post course that we are still being inspired by each others pics, comments and feedback as we share our own Inspired Home journey.

I can’t recommend Kristin’s course enough, and as funds and time permit I’ll be engaging in future courses with The Define School.

Registration opens tomorrow for their January classes and I suggest that you look into it if you want to further your photographic prowess.

I thought I’d leave you with a few of the pics I took over the 4-week course, capturing moments of my own Inspired Home.

4 Responses to The Define School’s Kristin Rogers “The Inspired Home” Review

  1. leah says:

    What a wonderful post Matt. Your photos are so lovely. xx

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Leah, as are your lovely pics!

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