Thank You!

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who have popped over to take a look at my Make your own chalkboard wall organizer. I’ve had unprecedented web traffic, tons of pins, retweets and reblogs. Thank you all, it’s SO MUCH appreciated.

A particular shout out to the Curbly community and to Chris Gardener in particular for taking the time to reblog it and share it with you all. Much kudos.

I went to sleep last night thinking about the blog and the direction it has taken over the last month with the weekly Plascon DIY posts. It’s revealed a need for me to continue on with the ‘how-to’s’, not just projects, but primers.

According to a recent audit of my social media followers 70% of you are women, not hard to believe since I know I have a love for/of pretty things: decor, design, landscaping, gardening, food etc.

As gender roles cross pollinate (remember I’m the primary caregiver in our family) more and more women are empowering themselves with practical DIY skills.

Understandably readers are at different levels of skill and I’m trying to gauge where that skill level is? Do you know a pozidriver from a star screwdriver? The difference between a cut-off and bandsaw?

Maybe along side the weekly practical projects I need to feature a series of basic primers?

A few thoughts were.

Tooling up your toolbox
Getting screwed, a basic primer for choosing the right screw
Nails aren’t just for mani pedis
The light goes on, a basic understanding of household wiring

Yes, they are a little tongue and cheek, possibly bordering on insulting, but trust me, using the wrong tool for the job can cost you both time and money.

I’m open to suggestion and encourage you to share your comments below.

Again, thank you ALL for your support!

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  1. Tamara says:

    Hmmm, if I actually wanted something hardcore-DIY made (like the wall organiser), I’d ask my man. I just know that it’ll turn out better that way 🙂 nails really are for mani pedis 😉

    • Matt says:

      Hah Hah! Have you seen my nails, beyond the help on a mani pedi I’m afraid.

      RE asking your man, sure, if he’s that kind of man. I know so many men who don’t know which end of a screwdriver to use, likewise women who could construct homes from parts that even MacGyver couldn’t find a use for.

      RE turning out better, it’s all about practice. Several will be disasters, like the mug you built in pottery class that looks more like a dog left a mess on your desk… or maybe that’s just my level of ceramics? The more you do it, the better you get, as with any craft.



  2. Elaine Fike says:

    How about some basics like changing a tap washer, changing spark plugs, wiring up a bedside light, changing the lock on a door, where to swith of the water mains etc…etc…etc..

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Elaine, absolutely! I love your suggestions and had already thought of the tap washer and bedside lamp. Locks and water mains are also essentials!

  3. Great idea! I have my own toolkit which I put to good use, but although I own a drill, I’m quite intimidated by it, and still ask my bloke to wield that. However, I’d much prefer to just do it myself, so yes please.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Heather! Yes, a drill primer is on the cards. How to choose one, the different drill bit options/attachments and what each of them do. I think folks are really enjoying the visual aspect with the photos that follow alongside them, it makes it a lot easier to follow along.

  4. Brilliant idea Matt. Before Dan and I were a couple I had my own little rental home. And did most of the DIY (with the help of my Dad) but I would give it a go. But now 10 years on and 2 kids later, I have stepped aside and given the DIY role to Dan to fix things. I would love to know how to plaster a wall, tile the kitchen and make a deck for the garden. All of which Dan refuses to do! 🙂 Yes I would love to have the power back in my hands x

  5. Wayne Turner says:

    It would be great to see this on video or at the least a video slideshow using the images and your voice:-)

  6. Cari says:

    Matt, I love all these DIYs but I think the primers will go down really well too. Still living at home and my dad being Mr Fix-It, I’ve had no need to learn any of those sort of things so I think it would be awesome to learn now & through this blogging medium. I do, however, have a pink toolkit but the only things I’ve use from it have been the scissors and tape measure. Looking forward to those sorts of posts. I love the direction your blog is moving towards.

  7. Thaya says:

    LOVE this, thank you! It’s a brilliant idea. Even though I’m surrounded by handy-men, do you think any of them have taken the time to show me how to do anything around my house (which currently has a list of 9 things needing attention). Looking forward to them posts!

  8. Amy says:

    yes, love it. basics please! i have no idea on the diy side but i’d love to! never overestimate the intelligence of your readers! 😉

  9. lauren says:

    hi i am scared of using a drill. i am not joking.

  10. Hello Matt, firstly I love your blog! I will be a avid returning visitor from this day forward – I am proud to say (but also humble)that I rock a drill!! I have inherited my dad’s old Black & Decker (they don’t make them like that nomore). My man is totally helpless with his hands (something he inherited from his dad), which basically forces me to do all these DIY stuff. Saying that, I think that’s the only tool I am confident with. I am definitely attempting your next Plascon DIY modular storage. Thank you!!!

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for stopping by Charlene! It’s great to know that women are enjoying it, maybe you can get your man to tackle the modular storage with you, it’s a great bonding experience and way to both learn from it.

  11. jennifer says:

    I think this is a GREAT idea. For me, DIY is both about finding a less expensive way of getting a look and being able to fill my home with unique things you can’t buy at Mr Price and that reflect my taste. I’ve learned some of the basics from sites like (such great ideas) but it would be great to have some DIY tutorials that are SA-specific. More than just having to do imperial to metric conversions, it’s darn frustrating to try and do a project where materials aren’t available, are called by different names, or are super expensive here – I’d love to see posts that use readily available, inexpensive materials.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the input Jennifer! The aim is to try and make these projects easy to do with the use of minimal materials and off the shelf where possible.

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