Styling keys

I love pianos, we’re blessed to own one (seen above), it’s no Steinway, but it’s ours and much like many of the items in our home are heirlooms or hand me downs from family and friends… sentiments are priceless.

Having one does pose a problem when you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated piano or music room, so try blending yours into its surrounds. How do you do it? Style it! Treat it as you would a mantle or display case or shelf.

Here are a few inspirational shots I nabbed off of my Pinterest board.

Image courtesy of The Design Files

Image courtesy of Agent Bauer

Image courtesy of Bo Bedre

Image courtesy of A beautiful mess

I’m particularly fond of the last one. I’m in love with Elise and Emma’s A beautiful mess blog. It’s so bright and colourful, filled with inspiration and DIY/craft tutorials, including one on how to achieve your own Instagram Wall Art.

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  1. Megan says:

    I too have a piano which, I must confess, is horribly out of tune. It does however still provide “musical” entertainment for the children that “tinkle” its ivories & I rather enjoy displaying pretties on it…so perhaps my childhood piano is not too sad by the non-fulfillment of its original job description!
    Your piano is totally pin-worthy, btw!

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