String gardens

So as you know I have a penchant for plants, I’m a little on the crazy side, like the old lady with one too many cats. Yes, THAT crazy.

For a while now I’ve been deliberating what to do in our bathroom.

I love the bohemian feel of using vintage styled mirrors and have been collecting a few, waiting on the last one to arrive from Vamp before I can assemble the collection (though you can see one of the mirror ‘templates’ in the first photo).

I wanted to bring in a botanical element (remember, crazy plant person), but having a 21 mnth old makes placing plants on the window or table a risky business, why not go up? Or rather down?

Months ago I sumbled across this tutorial on Design Sponge on making Kokedama, Japanese moss balls and thought they looked amazing and have been hankering to try it out.

Seeing the amazing work of Opus Studios in the new Vamp Collaboration room rekindled my willingness to try.

I settled on these two Orchids, a common Phalaenopsis or ‘Moth Orchid’ (the smaller yellow one) and a larger Cymbidium as my ‘test subjects’.

Being epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants) they don’t need soil, so I wrapped the roots in Sphagnum moss and then added decorative green moss on the outside as I wound the twine around them.

Stealing the idea from Paula at Vamp I decided to hang them from the roof with chains, mine are galvanized steel to match the silver of the mirrors.

Another little crafty project out of the way, hundreds more to tackle, but it feels good to be a little creative again amidst all this work.

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  1. Natacha says:


    Where did you get the moss etc for this project?


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