Meet Joe Paine

Image courtesy of Joe Paine

If you follow SA design Joe’s work will be familiar to you, though the face/name behind his products might not be, so allow me to introduce Joe Paine.

Image courtesy of Joe Paine

You’ll probably have seen his Kreep Planter, a modular planting system that was voted ‘Best outdoor product of 2009 voted by EDIDA’, which I first discovered in VISI.

I’ve been jonzing for one for the better part of a year, so now with the landscaping revamp underway I’ve decided to invite Joe into our home with not one but 2 in a customer configuration he whipped together for us.

Image courtesy of Joe Paine

Not wanting to stop there we ordered a Trihard stool set that is part bench, brolly holder and planter, or as we like to call it a bellyanter.

And since things always work better in three we ordered a fold feeder, which as Joe describes is

Inspired by paper origami birds, the fold feeder subtly resembles a perched Giant Eagle Owl. Bent from one sheet of special Origami steel, its construction is a bending break operator’s worst nightmare.

So there you have it, you now know Joe, Joe knows us and we are all one step closer to knowing Kevin Bacon.

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