Mandibles has just opened up in The Woodstock Foundry, in the old Opus Studios space.

I’ve been dying to pop in and had a chance to stop by yesterday. It’s my happy place.

They bill themselves as “A Natural History Collection” and offer a wide range of natural history pieces from simple inexpensive items like porcupine quills through to wildebeest busts, giraffe skulls and an ever growing collection taxidermy birds (please, no Monty Python parrot jokes!).

I know that not everyone appreciates taxidermy like I do or might find it inhumane, but you’ll be happy to know that all their birds, monkeys and small mammals come from zoos and bird parks and have died of natural causes.

The skulls, horns and skull-mounts of the larger ungulates are by-products of South Africa┬┤s sustainable game farming industry, though they do also offer fallow deer sheds, these are horns that naturally fall from the deer as they outgrow them.

I’ve got my eye on a set of mounted antlers and hope to add a taxidermy bird, time and finances permitting, still kick myself for not picking up a barn owl at a thrift sale.

Pop on over to their Facebook page to see more photos and keep a breast of pieces that are added into their inventory.

Find them at 160 Albert Road, The Woodstock Foundry, 8001 Cape Town, Western Cape, open Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm.

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  1. Love this! Have to come to South africa soon. Heard so many fantastic stuff!

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