Make your own dipped utensils

I certainly can’t lay claim to this marvelous idea, paint dipping is showing up everywhere on everything from tin cans to entire furniture pieces.

What I can do is localise it and with trusted help of Plascon let’s launch into this weeks simple ‘How-To’.

Supplies needed: Wooden utensils, several tins of paint, masking tape, newsprint and a drying rack.

I chose to use Plascon’s Velvaglo, a unique polyurethane enamel that cross-links to form a resilient protective barrier that is Heat, Steam, Chip and Stain resistant. It is an extremely tough premium quality paint that offers a protective and decorative finish for walls and trim work.

While incredibly durable I’d like to interject and share that you should always handwash these utensils to prolong their life and make sure not to cover the surface that will be in contact with boiling water and/or food.

Pastels have made waves this year and will continue to do so in 2013 with Plascon’s PAUSE palette. I chose to use the following Plascon colours: Light Blue Green G6-A2-2, Endless Possibilities R6-B1-4 and Diamond White B1-A2-3.

Step 1. Start by taping up the non dipped end of your utensils with masking tape, this will prevent any dripping paint from adhering to the exposed surface.

Step 2. Carefully dip the dipping end into the paint, allowing several minutes for the excess to drip off.

Step 3. Place them in a utensil rack and allow to dry. Since the paint it fairly thick allow 24 hours to fully cure. I used a roll of mirror tape to prop up my smallest spoon to avoid paint dripping onto rack.

The great thing is that you can continue to add to your collection, varying the colours till your heart is content and it’s dead easy to accomplish!

I hope you enjoy your weekend and that it’s filled with crafty goodness!

4 Responses to Make your own dipped utensils

  1. Cari says:

    Love this so much!

  2. Roxy says:

    Love this Thanks for posting info on what paints you used 🙂 I’ve found some very cool ‘mini’ wooden utensils at the Crazy Store which would make very funky props (and of course look ultra fashionable with a little pastel!). Thanks for sharing!

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