Joe Paine’s Mesopotamia Table Planters

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m one of local designer,Joe Paine’s biggest fans. I received an e-mail from Joe last week announcing his new line of indoor Mesopotamia table planters. They are GORGEOUS!

Each one is cast from white Bisque or Terracotta and influenced by the ancient Mesopotamian civilization who created the hanging Gardens of Babylon. They’re a perfect fit for any Mid-Century home and a great local alternative to the classic Gainey Ceramic planters.  Moreover, the Meso-Pots don’t mess on your nice table, as they are anti-drip! Each of the pots are designed to fit off the shelf 16cm, 13cm and 10cm houseplants and are available in white or terracotta, the bases and candle holders are coordinated accordingly.

The designs range from R1,000 to R2,300 each and are available directly from Joe.

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