Klein-Watervalplass, Heaven on Earth

This weekend the family and I decided to get away from the suburbs and hit the country, so far removed from the burbs that we left our computers behind and disconnected from all forms of social media for a few days.

We stayed at a little self-catering place called Klein-Watervalplass (Small Waterfall Farm) in the Hemel en Aarde Vallei (Heaven and Earth Valley), owned by our lovely host, Rick.

We spent two nights in ‘The Milking Shed’, which as the name implies is a converted, well, milking shed. It’s a simple 2 bedroom affair with an open plan living room and kitchen. Solar power heats the bathroom and for those desperate for interactivity there is a TV with basic DSTV channels (not that we watched much as it was part of the technology break) and if you ask nicely you can use the WIFI, again, something I only did at the end of our stay.

The farm boasts horses, ponies, alpacas, pigs and chickens, much to the glee of Nathan who bounded around after the chickens, spying on the laying hens and collected eggs from outside our door, which I in turn whipped into breakfasts. The rooster decided to wake us at 3am, but it’s something we took in our stride as we are used to our own backyard hens.

As the name implies there is also a small waterfall and plenty of space to hike in the Fynbos covered mountains. Both kids in tow, along with Max, the local farm dog, a sprightly Jack Russel we trekked there and back admiring the views.

I must admit the technology break was harder than I thought and I’m acutely aware I need to change a few things in my life to be less dependent on it, to stop and literally smell the roses, on in this case, the proteas.

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