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All images courtesy of Fellow Fellow

I was trawling through Pinterest, as one does, and discovered these beautiful vintage mountain range printable gift tags.

After a little digging it turned out they were courtesy of Claire who runs Fellow Fellow.

Claire is an Australian native who has landed up in Singapore with her husband by way of Germany (yes, a bit of a circuitous route). She’s a graphic designer by trade and her blog is one helluva resource for crafty folks like myself.

Interestingly I’ve seen several of her ‘how-to’s’ before via another blog I regularly visit, Say Yes to Hoboken, but I hadn’t put the two together, and suspect I’m not alone.

As a way of paying it forward you can download these lovely gift tags above by paying it forward with a tweet on Twitter or Facebook, read all about it over here.

While you there look at her beautiful pics and other great tutorials like the ones below.

DIY Planters

DIY Paper Strip Garland

Lace Cement Votive DIY

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