Dansk you very much!

I was poking around a local thrift store today and spotted this Dansk style cast iron candle holder and snapped it up for R15.00 ($2USD).

It’s Japanese made and clearly inspired by the late Jens Quistgaard who founded Dansk International Designs with American entrepreneur Ted Nierenberg in the 1950’s.

The design has become known as ‘The Spider’ and I own one of the originals, as seen in the pic above in the background.

This Japanese one is a little more angular in form, but I love it and for R15.00 I’m not complaining!

I plan to collect a few more as budget allows and display them one day as a collection, much like many do over the much lauded Dansk Kobenstyle pots.

Image courtesy of Marcus Hay

Then of course there are Jen’s classic teak coolers. They just scream ‘party at your place’.

Image courtesy of ClubModerne on Etsy

3 Responses to Dansk you very much!

  1. Pat says:

    Hi – It is exciting to see my image here on your site! Would you mind saying that the image of the Dansk ice buckets, bottle, and tongs is courtesy of ClubModerne on Etsy? I’m the photographer.. Thanks, Pat, ClubModerne on Etsy

    • Matt says:

      Hi Pat,

      Absolutely! I try wherever possible to be as accurate as I can with naming sources. I’ve updated it accordingly, thanks for stopping by and for the great pic.


  2. Pat says:


    Thanks very much! I’m glad you liked the picture so much you wanted it on your site!


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