Make your own cake topper paint chip garland

Make your own cake topper paint chip garland

If you are anything like me you’ve got a collection of paint chips lying around. Yes. Admit it.

You know, you were searching for the ultimate duck shell blue and walked off with 10 swatches and several paint samples before finding it. If you’re a horder you’ve got them, if not, you’ve tossed them.

May I suggest reusing them? There was a reason you gravitated towards them to begin with, so why not put them to use?

Today we had a carrot cake for afternoon tea and I thought what better way to reuse those chips than by making a crafty cake topper!

Supplies needed: A needle, twine, several paint chips, scissors, a craft punch and a pair of chopsticks.

I chose to use Plascon’s expression palate from their 2012 colour forecast.

Here’s how they describe it in their own words:

The time for subtlety is over. With a number of important events on the cards this year, a strong theme of celebration is making itself known. This comes through in the patriotic, Union Jack inspired red, white and blue to tie in with the London Olympics. White is often the base for this theme, with bold, uncomplicated use of bright colour to make a statement.

I used the following Plascon colours in my own garland from left to right: Baked Earth 04-B1-1, Panorama Lights Y4-A1-2, Lobster Red R5-B1-1, Oceanos B6-C1-1, Forest Found G4-D1-2 and to round it out I use a hue of Baked Earth called Alex 04-B1-2.

Step 1. Start by cutting a length of twine and threading it through your needle.

Step 2. Using a craft punch of your choice punch shapes out of your paint chips.

Step 3. Use your needle and thread to push through the chips before tying the loose ends to your pair of chopsticks and insert into your cake.


You can continue to add to your garland and hang it as a decorative feature if you wish, but may I implore you not to raid your local hardware store paint cabinet to do so! The idea is to REUSE existing chips, not create further demand.

6 Responses to Make your own cake topper paint chip garland

  1. Polly says:

    ahh so cute! and so simple. I love the way you can get the exact colours that you want with using paint chips as well 🙂 x

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Poly! It’s just for reference, feel free to use your own colours. It’s just a pet peeve of mine to see a room I like and want to know the paint colour and it’s not listed, I like keeping records! For example I’m LOVING Plascon’s Crazy Daisy Y4-A1-1 Yellow, I’ll be using it in an upcoming ‘How To’. Colour lights up my world!

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  3. Colleen says:

    Absolutely love this!!! So creative 🙂 Well done Matt! xx

    • Matt says:

      Thanks Colly! I have a few more creative ‘how-to’s’ that I hope to roll out over the coming weeks, hopefully inspiring others to make a few along the way.

  4. Coelho says:

    Keep inspired Matt, next couple of months going to be exciting but tough with new babe in the mix – loved this honest post x

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