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The week in food

January 21st, 2013

Monday – Five spice beef stirfry with eggy rice

Tuesday – Thai green curry

Wednesday- Butternut, lemongrass & chilli soup topped with deep-fried sage and Parmesan encrusted crostini

Thursday – Seared Tune with grilled courgettes, chili, rocket and garlic bean topped with oregano flowers.

Friday – Beetroot risotto with chevin, walnuts and fresh thyme leaves.

I’ve been rather lax on the subject of food here, I guess in part because some of you may already know that my last blog was a food blog. I blogged recipes and thoughts on food almost everyday, was considered a local foodie celeb (not a fan of either of those terms) and after time it wore me out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made and continue to foster relationships with several respected food bloggers, we are friends both on and off-line, but my fascination with food was never the food itself, or the latest and trendiest restaurants, but the provenance of the ingredients and the respect they should be shown in home cooking.

Acceptance by the mainstream with regards to “Growing Your Own” is now widespread, just this month Ideas Magazine, Good Housekeeping & SA Garden & Home have all run Q&A features with me on the mater and Mango Juice have run an article on Budget Meal Planning, something I intend to share more about in a later post.

I grow up to 70% of the fruit and vegetables we eat, so I take my cue for meal planning from my own garden, if you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen these already, but the pics above are an average week in family meal planning.

Several of you have asked for the recipes and I plan to get a few of them up in time, maybe a weekly recipe? It does take time to write it up, something I’m willing to do, but really only if I feel there is a need from my readers to do so. Would you like simple recipe ideas around fresh, seasonal food?

The beetroot risotto recipe will be published in next months issue of Gourmet Magazine, so it’s a start.

I’ve also posted several recipes over at as part of their weekly, Foodie Fridays series.

Tomorrow sees the launch of Nix Davies’s HARVEST installation, which I’m SUPER excited about. I’ve provided much of the fresh produce for the banquet launch as well as plant matter and advice for the collaborative installation.

If you’re in Cape Town, pop in to her Let The Be Light Studio in Sidestreet Studios in Woodstock.

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4 Responses to “The week in food”

  1. Tara

    YES! I’d love some weekly recipes. Of even just general note or idea of ‘this is what I had in my fridge/garden and this is what I did with it’.


  2. Nathalie

    It’s only after 11am my time and I’m now totally craving that five-spice stir fry! Weekly recipes would be lovely. I love the grow-your-own method – I live in a second floor apartment in the middle of the city, but manage to grow Rosemary, Thyme, Chive and Sage on my windowsill (I have less success with Basil and Coriander). I get a thrill every time I snip some herbs off and add them to my cooking.

  3. Matt

    Thanks Guys! Tara, I’ll try be a little more refined than that. Nathalie, yes, windowsill gardening is great! It’s a great sense of achievement when you eat your own produce.

  4. Rachel

    I am blown away and totally inspired.

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