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Go wide

April 14th, 2012

More than a decade ago you’d find me hidden away in the darkroom at college, I loved it, just thinking about it brings back the smell of developer and toner.

As adult life progressed and I moved into web design I put down my camera. As film costs escalated and it all became a bit of a luxury though I still shot the odd roll on my Holga or Seagull and more recently my Fuji Instax (well not a roll, but you get it), but I’d all but forgotten the mechanics of SLR photography.

Fast forward to 2 years ago when I decided to buy my first DSLR when Nathan was born, wanting to capture those special moments.

I was lucky enough to have one or two older EOS kit lenses from my film cameras so it was a no brainer to go the Canon route.

I ended up buying a 2nd hand full frame 5D getting a great deal as owner had upgraded to the MKII.

A few months passed and I bought a 50mm f1.4 and later added the 100mm Macro f2.8 after I realized just how bad those kit lenses were.

I love primes as you generally get better value for money and I love the fact that these seemingly inflexible focal lengths breed ingenuity within their limitations.

That said I’ve been longing to get a wider lens. I borrowed a basic 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom, not that 28mm is very wide, but it’s wider than my 50mm.

I fired off a bunch of frames for 15 minutes on the cloudiest day in history, rendering natural light almost useless. The goal wasn’t even composition just to get an idea of focal length and it gave me an opportunity to shoot a few new places in my home I’d been unable to shoot on the 50mm or 100mm.

While diving down the rabbit hole I started to think about flash photography and how many of those shots could have used some fill in light. Since I don’t own one I did a search and stumbled onto the Strobist website.

I’m hooked! I’ve decided after watching a few YouTube clips that a 430EX II is on the cards and am going to start by getting it off camera.

So now I not only need a flash, stand, arm, shoot through umbrella and remote trigger, but I’m still hankering for the wide angle lens… does it ever end?

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2 Responses to “Go wide”

  1. starr

    Beautiful… absolutely beautiful… you can feel the Peace…

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