Dos Family – The Hunt

All images courtesy of Dos Family

I go weak at the knees for my daily post dose over at Dos Family.

It’s run by two very awesome Swedish ladies, Jenny and Isabelle.

It’s hard to pigeon hole them into any particular creative stream (who’d want to!), though ‘kick ass creative thingmakers’ would probably get you somewhere in the ballpark.

The pics above are from a post called ‘The Hunt’.

Recently Jenny and her daughter Viola made their way up to Isabelle’s cottage for a few days, their adventures having been documented over several posts, least of all this one.

Jenny shares.

Isabelle and I were glued to our computer screens at Isabelle´s cottage in Dalarna, when the girls came inside and told us they wanted to go hunting for bear we said:
“Okay… can we do the styling?”

I sometimes imagine that growing up in either household must be like living out the script to a Wes Anderson movie.

If I can come close to having the same kind of creative outpouring in the lives of my own children I’d die a happy man indeed.

Add them to your blog roll, now.

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2 Responses to Dos Family – The Hunt

  1. Jenny at Dos says:

    Wow Matt! that was quite some presentation. Thank you!

  2. Cari says:

    You totally hit the nail on the head about these kids living out the script of a Wes Anderson movie – I can totally see it! What a super cool family this is. I already added Dos Family to my blog roll a couple months ago when I was glancing through yours. Love.

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