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This post is scary and cathartic in the same breath. I told myself I’d never tweet about or post a fashion or fashion related post… NEVER.

I grew up in a home where style wasn’t particular cultured. Not to go all Oliver Twist on you, but my mother raised three boys as a single parent, much of what we wore were hand me downs and bargain thrift store finds. Wearing corduroy and tweed might be hip today, it wasn’t when I was 14.

As I’ve grown older, now in my early thirties and graying like an silver back gorilla, I’ve started to gravitate towards ‘looks’. I believe any look can be convincing if you own it.

Most of the time you’ll find me in simple jeans, striped tees or a golf shirt paired with a cotton pull over or cardigan. I’m not brand conscious and still freak out at paying retail prices. I shop at thrift stores and outlets/factory shops, I’m a season or four out, but it’s about feeling comfortable wearing ‘the look’.

A look I’m enjoying at the moment is that 30’s feel, that sense of nostalgia bought about through accessories like waistcoats, bowties and suspenders, which look great dressed up or down.

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