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Ikea PS 2014

March 13th, 2014

Come April 1st Ikea launch their much anticipated PS 2014 range, a whopping 40 pieces in total that have taken over 5 years to develop and test.

The theme is “On the Move”, their boldest collection to date is all about multi-functionality and flexibility, designed for today’s urban living environment.


To wet your appetite here is a sneak peak into the new collection.

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014

Ikea PS 2014

All images courtesy of Ikea

Need a Lift app?

December 12th, 2013
Lift app

Lift app

Image courtesy of Lift – Daily Motivation

I’m often asked how I get things done. Those closest to me know that I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for well over a decade. Added to this I’m now the primary caregiver to two kids, managing a work-from-home workload as well as the cooking, cleaning and household chores.

Routines work for me and many other productive life hackers. I keep a short to-do list, focus on three things a day, mapping out all that I need to achieve in the 3-4 daily work hours I have between my parental responsibilities.

Most of these habits I’ve enforced over years of practice, but statistically habits form within 21-days of starting them, but it’s starting and maintaining them for that is the hardest part.

Enter the Lift – Daily Motivation app. Prior to having kids I set out my day on physical paper, though these days I’m largely digital, but accruing new habits can be tricky.

Adding them to my diary is a chore and I can’t always achieve them by a set time or in a specific order. Lists help, but are not daily reminders like calendar entries.

The Lift App aims to accomplish this and more by adding to it a social element, for friends, even strangers to empower each other by giving ‘props’ and even commenting, adding a word or two of encouragement to each other.

You can select a list of habits from predefined categories like Fitness Plans, Health Plans even Productivity Plans, or add your own.

A few of my current daily goals include: Take Multivitamins, Drink more water, Set priorities for the day, Be grateful for something or someone, Daily devotional, Pray and Get to bed by Midnight.

As I achieve these I tick them off, the app then keeps track of them as you do and even mails me a list at the end of each day of what I’ve accomplished and any comments I may have added along the way.

So if you are wanting to make sense of your life and start preparing for new habits in the coming year, download it today, best of all it’s FREE and available for the iPhone, Android and even through a Web-based interface.

What new habits would you like to commit to?

For Good Times

December 3rd, 2013





I’ve just returned from the launch of ‘For Good Times’, the first book from Julie Gallagher, owner of one of my favourite little stores, ‘In Good Company‘.

The book has been beautifully styled and shot by my friend Vanessa Lewis with accompanying themed recipes from food stylist Taryne Jakobi and printables from Amanda & Michael Cramer.

In Julie’s words:

“Following in the footsteps of In Good Company’s in-store experience and daily blog posts, here is a book full of exactly what we love to do all day – share stylish design inspiration and decor ideas for parties. What’s more, this book combines easy-to-execute craft activities, simple step-by-step recipes and “push print” stationary; all with a keen attention to doing-it-yourself”.

The book can be purchased on-line or instore and makes the perfect Christmas gift for parents, avid crafters and party planners.

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