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Let’s be adventurers

May 15th, 2014

Let's be adventures

I know that things in these parts have been quiet, too quiet, but despite the silence much has been a brew.

What little time I’ve had outside of my freelance & family commitments I’ve spent on the weekly home tours over at Our Gathered Home, which has been a resounding success. 4 months in and we’ve already been featured in/on key interiors blogs and hit over 20,000 page views. Thank you for all your support!

Outside of all of this we’ve been also preparing to make a rather large move, across the ocean, to Sydney, Australia. We’ll be arriving in November as Kathy has accepted a job offer there from 1st December and as an Australia citizen we’re going over so that our kiddies can claim their dual-citizenship’s, which needs to be done by the time either of them are 18.

My free time has been filled with paperwork, and more paperwork (175 A4 pages and counting!), putting our home on the market, auditing what we’re taking and getting rid of, meetings with relocation officers, the list goes on. Emigration is not for the faint of heart.

We are extremely excited about starting this new adventure together and have earmarked the suburb of Surry Hills as our base, though these things are subject to change, but we wanted to make a break from the suburbs and enjoy inner city life for a bit.

I’ve already been planning our new apartment, which will have a more muted palette and a heavy Nordic influence, a ‘less is more’ approach to living. I’ve been keeping up to date on local trends through Real Living and Inside Out magazines and following key stylists and store owners in Sydney and can’t wait to share them all with you.

The best way to keep in touch for now is via Instagram, or over on Pinterest, if you’re looking for a daily dose of decor inspiration.

For Good Times

December 3rd, 2013





I’ve just returned from the launch of ‘For Good Times’, the first book from Julie Gallagher, owner of one of my favourite little stores, ‘In Good Company‘.

The book has been beautifully styled and shot by my friend Vanessa Lewis with accompanying themed recipes from food stylist Taryne Jakobi and printables from Amanda & Michael Cramer.

In Julie’s words:

“Following in the footsteps of In Good Company’s in-store experience and daily blog posts, here is a book full of exactly what we love to do all day – share stylish design inspiration and decor ideas for parties. What’s more, this book combines easy-to-execute craft activities, simple step-by-step recipes and “push print” stationary; all with a keen attention to doing-it-yourself”.

The book can be purchased on-line or instore and makes the perfect Christmas gift for parents, avid crafters and party planners.

Thankful And Blessed

November 8th, 2013

Thankful & Blessed

Image courtesy of Nest of Posies

It’s not long now until Thanksgiving and of late I’ve been reflecting over the past year or two, counting the milestones, big and small, one of which is this blog.

I started it just under 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing, where it would go or what opportunities it would lead to. It started as an on-line journal, a way of documenting my life by incorporating my love of family, food, entertaining, decor and design.

It was never intended for commercial gain and traffic has largely been through word of mouth, a couple of search engines hits and Pinterest and Twitter follows.

I’ve updated it without rhythm or rhyme, a noted blogging ‘no-no’, sharing my thoughts and ideas when inspired, in those brief moments of R&R between my parenting and freelance responsibilities.

And yet, despite the odds, another milestone was met yesterday. Over 50,000 of you have visited this site, having served up over 87,000 pages. Now I know that these numbers may be small in comparison to ‘big time’ blogs, but that’s HUGE for me. I could fill a stadium with you, all peering into my life, sharing my images on Pinterest boards like “My Future Home” and “Design & Beauty”. I’m grateful for you all.

In updating my ‘About’ page (long overdue) I was looking over my personal press folder and realized I’ve been featured in every national newspaper in South Africa, local decor magazines like House & Leisure, Elle Decoration, VISI, Good Taste, Green Home and Home as well as Marie Claire, Fairlady, Mens Health, Food & Home Entertaining, Gourmet, The New York Times and countless blogs.

My ‘How-To’s’ have been published in both print and on-line and covered by Curbly, Wired Magazine and even Home Depot.

I know that the blog doesn’t always engage you in asking questions, prompting you for feedback and comments, though a couple of you have shared words of wisdom, insight, praise and thanks, for that I am to grateful.

I hope in the new year to give the blog a bit of an overhaul, stream line content and categories, but for now, thanks for accepting it for what it is, and what it isn’t.

I’ll be taking a much-needed break and am heading off to New York and Boston for a few days, I plan to eat, relax and hopefully read a novel while taking in my surroundings, engaging in tourism 101.

Till then, keep safe, and thanks for visiting.

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