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Carrots don’t always grow straight

Carrots Don’t Always Grow Straight! from Ian Henderson on Vimeo.

Well as I shared in my last post I’ve been rather busy in various gardens now that Spring has officially sprung, including the one in this video, my 400m2 urban farm in Constantia.

Aside from my passion for design and decor I also have an intense love for food, growing it as much as preparing and eating it.

If you’re based in Cape Town I’ll be doing a ‘Grow Your Own’ workshop at Spier’s Secret Festival next month.

I’m now also turning my focus to home brewing and this weekend I’ll be partaking in a partial mash course at the Beer Lab and will have a full report back for your next week, and hopefully a couple liters of my first brew in the making.

In other news, while laying out our new gallery wall I discovered this great resource for FREE downloadable vintage botanical prints and blogged about it over at

What have you been getting up to this Spring season?


I’ve been moving things around the house in preparation of achieving one of my 4 Simple Goals (before 2013), piecing together an art wall.

You have no idea how much time actually goes into planning a seemingly random, asymmetrical body of work!

Here’s a tip though, place all your artwork on the floor and assemble them there and then transfer them to the wall or make cut outs of each piece and masking tape them to the wall as you experiment with the layout.

Image courtesy of Ignant

Image courtesy of Joanna Laajisto

Image courtesy of Vtwonen

Image courtesy of The Selby

Image courtesy of Shoot Factory