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Skinny LaMinx

Yesterday I popped into Heather Moore’s Skinny LaMinx store in Bree St. I’m dying to tell you why, but you’ll have to wait a little longer.

While I was there I took the opportunity to snap up a few Instagrams, somewhat ironic since as of last night they’ve been offline due to a power storm in Virginia…

Rather than show you the final products I thought I’d showcase a bit of her workspace, the patterns, fabrics and tools she uses to create her masterpieces.

Heather is always creating and regularly blogs about her now infamous ‘Making Friday’. You can find several of her tutorials on her blog.

If you are in Cape Town you’re in luck as this Thursday evening, July 5th, she’ll be hosting a ‘DIY Transfer night’ where participants can make their very own one-in-a-squillion mug with Heather’s assorted transfers. More details can be found here.

Childs play

I’m shocked when I visit children’s decor stores around town, it’s the same old stuff! Blue for boys, pink for girls, cute hearts and sailing boats… really?

I think design should be shared and cultured from a young age. Sure, I impose my love of beautiful things on Nathan and I cringe a little when he bangs his lovely Donna Wilson Wolfie knitted toy against the wall, but he and I can enjoy its design together.

The rooms below exemplify examples of cultured design aesthetic. Children’s rooms need not be drab! Invigorate and stimulate through colour, texture AND form!

Images courtesy of Revolver

I love how the Bertoia diamond chair in the first image gets the typical styling of the lambs wool throw that we’ve seen a hundred times before on Eames Rockers.

Speaking of the Eameses, how adorable is the Eames Elephant in the second image? Not to mention the Normann Copenhagen Bau Pendant and also LOVING those Acapulco chairs!

Image courtesy of Dwell

I always come back to this room for inspiration. It’s Varpu’s room, styled and designed by her insanely talented Mom, Finnish stylist Susanne Vento.

I love the Eames Hang-it-All and the various illustrated postcards. It keeps reminding me that I have a collection of cards from Darling Clementine and Ingela Arrhenius that I need to hang in Nathan’s room!

Image courtesy of Zilverblauw

Lastly welcome to Wolf’s Attic. I love his Mom’s blog, the talented Anki of Zilverblauw. This attic room is great, love the wallpaper and Sammy Rose Good Morning Carl print from the lovely Dos Family duo. And that multi-coloured string pocket? Swoon!