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In your space (part 2)

So as I shared in this post, last week I had the pleasure of hosting stylist Helena Sheridan and Photographer Mareli Esterhuizen as part of their ‘In Your Space’ project.

These are a just a few of the amazing shots they took of my home.

Helena paid me a wonderful comment in her own post sharing:

My job as stylist was almost redundant as everything in his house seems to be perfectly curated and styled already. In a house where every item has a story and Matt can give interesting background on every piece we had lots of fun exploring the details and even getting in those much loved wide shots!

I don’t think it’s fair for me to take the credit, Helena moved things about into new and wonderful places and let’s not forget the wonderful Neil Stemmet, Lucas Adams, Lauren Fowler the The Wild Creative, all of whom had a part in curating the cado shelves.

I can’t thank both Mareli and Helena enough, it was great to open my home to them and to have them reciprocate through a mutual love of design & decor.

For more beautiful pics visit their gallery here: ‘In Your Space’

Kraftisan luna light

Kraftisan have just released their second commercial offering, the luna light.

It’s very special to me as I have the prototype in my livingroom. Product designer Lucas R Adams was part of the original ‘Curate this Space’ project and he offered up this ‘illuminating’ offering as his contribution.

Over the past few months he has continued to refine the concept and the commercial offering is smaller, neater and with the added luminaire, dare I say even more attractive.

In his own words:

The Luna Light is a task oriented studio-light that aims to illuminate your working and social environments in an elegant manner. Fully adjustable and rotational, the Luna Light can be fixed down to most surfaces by velcro feet, and comes fully assembled including all fittings and bulbs.

It’s constructed from Birch plywood and hand assembled, the Luna Light tries to remain as environmentally friendly as possible, by not using any bad adhesives in it’s assembly. A high-grade paper is used for the luminaire, while a cool white energy-saver bulb (included) lights up the show. Black cap screws are used for the basis of construction and standard velcro feet are attached on the base of the light to affix it to any surface you choose.

It was officially launched at this years Design Indaba Expo, and was sold out within an hour of the 3 DAY event.

The most insane thing is that it’s so affordable! It’s only R445.00 per light with FREE delivery within +-10km’s of Cape Town or R50 for nationwide postage.

To place your order visit their website here.