Monthly Archives: January 2012

Farm city

I love this short doccie looking at how NYC is working towards bringing back food production back into the city, an ideal that is close to my heart as a vocational ‘Urban Farmer’.

I grow food in urban farm lots and support my community through a weekly urban farmers market I co-founded and provide local eateries with a selection of fresh, picked daily old world/heirloom vegetables.

The Mail & Guardian ran a feature on me this week, read it here.

If you are keen to try your hand at growing your own edible garden take a look at this short video I did for eXpresso Show.

The Tearoom at Babylonstoren

So today marked the passing of another year in my transient earthly existence (Hipster for ‘yet another birthday’) and I decided to spend it at one of my favourite places, Babylonstoren.

Having dined at their restaurant Babel I was keen to try out their new informal eatery called The Tearoom. It’s a no fuss, simple affair with a make your own sandwich experience served with a garden fresh salad, homemade chutney, dressing and a selection of cakes.

The venue is idyllic, the food excellent and decor to die for. My only criticism was the slow and cumbersome service. I’m chalking it up to teething issues, but to make it a truly great experience they need to up their game.

I expressed my concerns to the manager on duty who in turned comped our drinks, unnecessary, but much appreciated. Kudos to them for taking my criticism to heart, it’s how eateries learn from their mistakes. My pet peeve is people taking to social media criticizing a venue and NOT addressing their issues with them directly.

We took a short walk through the garden and Nathan stopped to reflect on/in the bubbling brook, but the 37 degree weather wasn’t conducive to a long meandering walk.

Overall a fantastic day spend with those closest to me, just the way I feel a birthday should be spent.