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Farm city

I love this short doccie looking at how NYC is working towards bringing back food production back into the city, an ideal that is close to my heart as a vocational ‘Urban Farmer’.

I grow food in urban farm lots and support my community through a weekly urban farmers market I co-founded and provide local eateries with a selection of fresh, picked daily old world/heirloom vegetables.

The Mail & Guardian ran a feature on me this week, read it here.

If you are keen to try your hand at growing your own edible garden take a look at this short video I did for eXpresso Show.


Images courtesy of Soderbergagentur

Images courtesy of Wish Flowers and I am collecting home inspiration

Image courtesy of Darling Dexter

I recently cleared the installation that sat atop the upright piano in our livingroom and I’ve been wanting to bring elements of natural history/botanicals into the new as yet to be curated vignette.

Part of my deliberation has been that I’m struggling to find the balance between ‘simple yet stimulating’ and ‘cluttered bohemian collector’, which I think is buried deep down inside of me.

The pics above at least showcase that you can still have ‘simple’ collections without being overly styled or busy, which I guess is what I’m hoping for.